Raziskovalna oprema

Raziskovalna oprema

Raziskovalno razvojna oprema

Ker v znanstveno raziskovalno delo vključujemo tudi naše študente, ki s tem pridobijo dragocene izkušnje, hkrati pa so dragocena pomoč pri projektih, je visokokakovostna in tehnološko napredna raziskovalna oprema ključnega pomena.

Single screw extruder (BAOPIN BP-8176-ZB)

Device description

The LabTech LTE20-44 extruder has the following features:

  • Single screw, parallel
  • Screw diameter: 20 mm
  • L/D = 28:1
  • Turns: up to 120 min-1
  • Cylinder: 4 cast aluminum heaters equipped at cylinder, 1 heater at die head
  • Temperature of the heaters: up to 400 °C

As the name suggests, single-screw extruders have only one screw located inside the cylinder. They are primarily used for extruding granules and pre-prepared compounds. The single-screw extruder is considered a very basic form of extruder that simply melts and forms the material. Extruder screw is divided into three sections: loading section, melting section, homogenization section. Cylinder is equipped with four heaters , die and one heater on die.


Examples of use

The extruder can be used for testing the properties of thermoplastics as well as for optimizing extrusion parameters and for optimizing thermoplastic blends. Enables the compounding of materials in the form of gels, liquids and granules or mills.

Industry applications

It is used for industrial purposes in the optimization of formulations for thermoplastic compounds and for the optimization of extrusion parameters for various materials. We also use it to produce demonstrator materials for projects in which we develop new thermoplastic blends. It is also used for granulation of recycling and up-cycling material. For industrial applications, we also carry out tests with thermoplastic elastomers, where with design of experiment, we determine the optimum proportions of ingredients to achieve the desired properties. Since we have two single-screw extruders and one two-screw extruder, all three can be combined together, which allows us to co-extrude multi-layer films.

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