The aim of the conference is to connect different stakeholders from industry, academia design studios, brand owners and all involved in the packaging life cycle. Main goals are to share knowledge, good practices, ideas and to make new connections in the transformation from linear to circular packaging supply chains and business models.

With interesting presentations, real life case studies from companies and masterclasses from experts, we expect to create new partnerships and value chains between and among academia and industry stakeholders. Also hands- on workshop will be organized based on the method developed from the Ellen McArthur Foundations.


Conference topics include, but are not limited to:
  • circular economy and innovative business models,
  • new innovative bio-based materials,
  • sustainable and optimized packaging design,
  • packaging printing and converting,
  • packaging supply chain optimization through innovative solutions,
  • consumer behaviour on the way to circular packaging,
  • life cycle analysis of the packaging,
  • packaging waste recycling, reusing and composting.

9. 9. 2021 Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Francesca Stevens
Francesca Stevens

Managing Director The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment, Belgium

EU policy and regulatory developments on packaging

Duncan Mayes
Duncan Mayes

Founder - Lignutech Oy, Finland

Renewable Materials and the Circular Economy - Opportunities and Challenges


Dr. Stephan Laske
Dr. Stephan Laske

Global Director R&D - Greiner packaging International, Austria

Circular economy and the techno/legal trade-off

Janez Šubelj
Janez Šubelj

Flexible Packaging Specialist- LabelProfi, Slovenia

The trends and challenges of sustainable flexible packaging for food industry

Magyar Kálmán
Magyar Kálmán

AMCO Kft, Hungary

Biodegradable greenfill material

Keresztúri Zsolt
Keresztúri Zsolt

Omnipack Packaging Innovation Cluster, Hungary

Omnipack packaging cluster

Antoine Mialon
Antoine Mialon

Metgen Oy, Finland

Lignin for sustainable packaging

Samo Pergar
Samo Pergar

Corporate Social Responsibility in Purchasing - Lidl Slovenia d.o.o. k.d, Slovenia

REset Plastic @ Lidl Slovenia

Marija Pantelić
Marija Pantelić

Bossis Valjevo, Serbia

Smart packaging for future generations

Rok Štifter
Rok Štifter

Head of shared services Packaging and User manuals BSH Home appliance Group, Slovenia

Sustainability - Packaging inspirations

Rok Snoj
Rok Snoj

Managing director Kraftpal Gmbh, Slovenia

KraftPal X Pallets: Sustainable corrugated pallets for modern supply chains

Dr. Andreas Witschnigg
Dr. Andreas Witschnigg

R&D Product Development PreZero Gmbh, Germany

Packaging Recycling: Challenges, demands and opportunities

Ajda Regali Knez
Ajda Regali Knez

Head of Marketing DSSmith, Slovenija

Circular packaging in practice



Master class speakers

Silvester Bolka
Silvester Bolka

Faculty of Polymer Technology, Slovenia

Recycled plastics for packaging

Daša Medvešček
Daša Medvešček

Pulp and Paper Institute, Slovenia

Biodegradability and compostability testing

10. 9. 2021 Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Samir Kopačič
Dr. Samir Kopačič

TU Graz, Austria

Functional Barrier Coating of Packaging Materials: Application of Biopolymers and Effects on Barrier Performance


Professional and scientific presentations:


Session: Innovative and bio-based materials

Chitosan, starch and alginate-based active packaging modified with different plasticizers

Modified lignin/pla composites for packaging application

Development of hydrophobic protection layer for high-temperature irreversible thermochromics

Nanocellulose as oxygen barrier material: from film forming properties to active coatings for packaging

The use of encapsulated ammonium polyphosphate in the production of flame retardant paper

Future pathways for the utilization of 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid in packaging applications

Investigation of the flame retardant property of silica nanoparticles ratio in the paper coating

Pla-based multilayer packaging films

Crop residues as fibrous and functional compounds for paper production

The bioplastic bubble wrap- made up of cellulose

Influence of silica nanoparticles on the chemical, surface and morphological properties of pla and pcl mixtures

Valorisation of hemp by-products for composite applications

Influence of the nanocrystalline cellulose on the paper barrier properties

Lignin bio-based coating for strength and moisture resistance improvement of fibrous packaging material

Peel properties of modified PE-PP blends

Influence of compatibilizer amount on adhesion and properties of PE based biocomposites

Toughness modification of PLA biocomposites

Toughness modification of PLA based blends with NCC


Session Smart and sustainable packaging and printing

The production of edible and antimicrobial active packaging material with thyme oil and determination of printability properties

Colour measurements of thermochromic sensors with diverse colouration temperatures

Blackberry seed oil-loaded PLA nanofibers as active packaging with uv absorbent potential

Application analysis of white flexographic printing inks on biodegradable flexible foils

Influence of the flexographic printing process parameters and material properties on print quality

Plasma as a fast and efficient tool for obtaining and retaining a long-term hydrophobicity of biopolymer packaging

Investigation of printable color gamut in digital printing on biodegradable flexible packaging materials

Thermochromic effect and adhesion parameters of liquid crystal-based printing ink on recycled printing substrates

Additive production processes for the manufacturing of customised bio-based packaging


Session Circular business models and metrics

Circularity micro-indicators for plastic packaging

Sustainable innovations and approaches for transitioning to plastic-free living

Boxing up youth knowledge and opinions on sustainable packaging in serbia

A new tool to measure business sustainability and circular economy in a flexible packaging industry

Material versus business model selection: what influences the environmental footprint of packaging more?


Session Reducing, Recycling, Reusing

Analysis of corrugated packaging paper and it’s components by DSC thermograms

PLA lightweight packaging in the post-consumer recycling stream – potential for conflict or coexistence?

Ink removal efficiency of flexographic printed paper packaging made from different alternative plants

Development of coushening-based methodology to design sustainable paper-based packaging for household appliances


The conference will be organised as a hybrid with onsite and online lectures. The program will be announced later.

Conference dinner will be organised on Thursday, 9. 9. 2021.

Registration, paper submission and deadlines

Important dates:

  • 1st June 2021 (abstract submission - 300 words),
  • 15th June 2021 (Notification of the submission acceptance),
  • 31st July 2021 (Final paper submission)
  • 23th of August 2021Final Programme
  • 9th - 10th of September 2021 Conference

Final paper submissions are expected by 31 July 2021. All papers will be reviewed and will be published in the conference proceedings. Other forms of submissions and presentations are possible (case studies, design concepts) but will not be included in the conference proceedings as a reviewed article.

Paper submission and template:

Style guideline for conference papers

Conference registration fee:

  • Onsite both days (250 EUR + VAT + incl. Dinner on 9th)
  • Onsite 1. day (200 EUR+VAT)
  • Onsite 2. day (160 EUR+VAT)
  • Online both days (100 EUR +VAT)
  • Online one day (70 EUR + VAT)
  • Onsite students (30 EUR + VAT)
  • Online students: FREE
  • Invited lecturer: FREE

The conference fee includes all printed materials and proceedings, workshops, refreshments (food and drinks) during the conference and the conference dinner fort he visitors in who will attend the conference in person (9-10 September 2021).

The online conference fee includes all the materials and proceedings in e-version (printed on demand) and access the recorded presentations.



For additional information regarding submissions you can contact dr. Igor Karlovits (igor.karlovits@icp-lj.si; 00 386 1 200 28 47)

Abstract submission


Scientific committee

Dr. Manica Ulčnik Krump

Business Unit Recycled-Resource, INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH, Germany

dr. Stephan Laske

Greiner Packaging, Austria

DI Herfried Lammer

Kompetenzzentrum Holz, Austria

Prof. dr. Dragoljub Novaković,

Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Prof. dr. Branka Lozo

Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Prof. dr. Gregor Radonjič

Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Prof. dr Arif Özcan

Marmara University, Instabul, Turkey

Prof. dr. Branka Pilić

Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Dr. Milica Balaban

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr. Laszló Koltai

Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Engineering, Obudai University, Hungary

Prof. dr. Aleksandra Lobnik

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Dr. Urška Vrabič Brodnjak

Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Barbara Prinčič

Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prof. Dr Miroslav Huskić

Faculty of Polymer technology, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

Prof. dr Irena Pulko

Faculty of Polymer technology, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

Dr. Blaž Nardin

Faculty of Polymer technology, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

Dr. David Ravnjak

Vevče Paper Mill, Slovenia

Dr. Urška Kavčič

Pulp and Paper Institute, Slovenia, ICP

Dr. Igor Karlovits

Pulp and Paper Institute, Slovenia, ICP

Organizining commitee

Dr. Blaž Nardin

Faculty of Polymer technology, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, FTPO

Mag. Mateja Mešl

Pulp and Paper Institute, Slovenia, ICP

Mag. Silvester Bolka

Faculty of Polymer technology, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, FTPO

Msc. Maja Mešl

Faculty of Polymer technology, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, FTPO

Sara Jeseničnik

Faculty of Polymer technology, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, FTPO

Mag. Gregor Lavrič

Pulp and Paper Institute, Slovenia, ICP

Dr. Urška Kavčič

Pulp and Paper Institute, Slovenia, ICP

Dr. Igor Karlovits

Pulp and Paper Institute, Slovenia, ICP


Conference will be held at the Faculty of Polymer Technology in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia.

How to get there?

By car:
The easiest way is by car. Slovenj Gradec is located in a beautiful valley in north-east of Slovenia, 120 km from the capital city, Ljubljana. At the highway, Ljubljana-Maribor, take the exit ŽALEC and continue in a direction Velenje, Slovenj Gradec. Drive carefully, also because there is a stationary radar in the centre of Velenje, and police are measuring speed regularly in several places (Paka pri Velenju, Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu,…).

By plane:
The transport from the Ljubljana airport (Airport Jože Pučnik) can be booked by GoOpti. The other airports in the vicinity are Zagreb (Croatia) and Graz (Austria) but it might be a bit inconvenient to come to Slovenj Gradec. However, GoOpti is offering transport from those airports as well. If several of you come at approximately the same time we might help to organise transport.

By train
The nearest train station is Velenje. If you get there we will organise the transport to Slovenj Gradec, just let us know in advance.

You can book an accommodation at:
Hotel Slovenj Gradec: http://www.hotelslovenjgradec.si/
Vila Pohorje: http://vilapohorje.si/ (Hotel and hostel)
Hostel Slovenj Gradec: http://www.turizem-slovenjgradec.si/en/accommodation/youth-hostel
Hiša Ančka: https://www.hisaancka.si/home_eng/
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Coffee breaks
A morning, and afternoon coffee breaks will be served in the conference site.