Raziskovalna oprema

Raziskovalna oprema

Raziskovalno razvojna oprema

Ker v znanstveno raziskovalno delo vključujemo tudi naše študente, ki s tem pridobijo dragocene izkušnje, hkrati pa so dragocena pomoč pri projektih, je visokokakovostna in tehnološko napredna raziskovalna oprema ključnega pomena.

Laboratory mixing reactor

Device description

Mixing reactor is specifically designed for synthesis of polymers since it enables mixing of high-viscosity liquids and it is equipped with a heated valve that enables easy release of polymers from the reactor. The reactor has a volume of 2,5 L, operating pressure of -1 bar to 6 bar and operating temperature of 25 °C – 350 °C. It is equipped with helix agitator, two condensers that enables distillation under atmospheric or increased pressure and vacuum pump. The reactor is operated by a computer that enables control of the reactor temperature, heating rate, condenser temperature and reactor pressure. Computer control enables export of the reaction parameters as a function od reaction time.

Due to the high volume of the reactor, it is possible to synthesis a suitable quantity of material for subsequent processing (e.g. compounding and injection molding) from one batch. Design of the reactor enables easy upgrading with additional equipment.

Examples of use

With this reactor, it is possible to do different types of polymerization reactions (chain-growth and step-growth) and modifications of polymers.

Industry applications

Mixing reactors are used in a variety of industries (polymer, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc.) for chemical reactions and mixing of substances. In the polymer industry, it is mostly used for synthesis and modifications of polymers.

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