Thermogravimetric analyzer with DSC signal (Mettler Toledo, TGA/DSC 3+)
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Thermogravimetric analyzer with DSC signal (Mettler Toledo, TGA/DSC 3+)

The thermogravimetric analyzer TGA / DSC 3+, manufactured by METTLER TOLEDO, is used to measure the physical and chemical changes of the material as a function of temperature or time. In our case, we will be able to follow changes in the oxygen or nitrogen atmosphere. The instrument continuously measures the mass of the sample and heats it to the desired temperature. As the temperature rises, the sample decreases the mass. The result is the so-called thermogram - the percentage of the sample mass relative to the initial mass of the sample, depending on the temperature or time. Using the first drain, the temperature degradation of the material can be determined. We can measure up to 1100 °C.

With TGA we can determine: evaporation, desorption, thermal decomposition (pyrolysis, depolymerization), thermal stability, oxidation stability, the proportion of volatile substances, the proportion of the polymer, carbon content (carbon black, carbon fibers), the proportion of filler, the proportion of glass fibers.

Specialty of our TGA / DSC 3+ is that we have a DSC signal in addition to the TGA signal, which will enable us to further deepen the interpretation of the properties of the measured samples.

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