Research equipment

Research equipment

Research equipment

Equipment for thermal/mechanical and chemical characterization of materials:

  • Differential scanning calorimeter (Mettler Toledo, DSC2)
  • Simultaneous Thermal Analysis TGA/DSC (Mettler Toledo, TGA/DSC 3+)
  • Flash DSC (Mettler Toledo, Flash DSC)
  • Dynamic mechanical analyser (Perkin Elmer, DMA 8000)
  • Universal testing machine (Shimadzu, AG-X plus)
  • FTIR spectrometer (Perkin Elmer, Spectrum 65)
  • Thermogravimetric analyser (Perkin Elmer, TGA 4000)
  • Transfer lineTGA and FTIR (Perkin Elmer, TG-IR-GCMS INTERFACE TL8000)
  • Thermal conductivity instrument (Hot Disc, TPS 1500)
  • Melt flow index instrument (LIYI, MFI LY-RR)
  • Impact strength instrument (CHARPY LY-XJJDS)
  • Electrical Surface Resistance Measuring Device (MECO, MGT-4)


Equipment for evironment impact testing and biodegradability, LCA analysis

  • UV chamber (Intelli-ray 600)
  • Chamber for xenon testing (Atlas, SUNTEST XXL+)
  • Respirometer for biodegradability analysis (ECHO, RESEP 02)
  • Composters (NATUREMILL)
  • Software for LCA analysis (GaBi)

Processing equipment:

  • Injection moulding machine (KRAUSS MAFFEI, CX 50-180 blue power)
  • Twin-screw extruder (LABTECH -LTE 20-44)
  • Injection moulding tools (size in compliance with ISO 527, ISO 178 and ISO 179)
  • Granulator (SCHEER)
  • 3D FDM Printer (Makerbot Replicator 2)
  • 3D DLP Printer
  • 2 Grinding mills for thermoplastics




A more detailed description of our research equipment is available  in Slovene language.

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