Completed projects

Completed projects

Completed projects

The PolyRegion Project pursues the goal of developing the existing significant potential in the field of polymers and polymer processing technology in the regions of Slovenia (Koroska, Savinjska) and Austria (Styria, Carinthia).

International cooperation - COST action CA15107 - Multi-Functional Nano-Carbon Composite Materials Network (MultiComp)

MultiComp is a COST campaign designed to bring together theorists, experimenters and industrialists in the field of nano-carbon materials technology.

The project PolyRegion - Pro.Act was launched as an add-on project to the PolyRegion activities. The new project concentrates on R&D and educational tasks and will strengthen the competitiveness and international visibility of PolyRegion.

Creative Core VŠTP (Kreativno jedro VŠTP) was a project approved within the »Operational Programme for Strengthening Regional Development potentials for period 2007-2013.«

Project “Factory Labs” was a joint project of two partners, HTL Wolfsberg and The Polymer Technology College, which was approved within the Operational Programme Slovenia-Austria 2007-2013.

50 pieces of state-of-the-art research equipment
1700 potential employers in Slovenia
4 students per lecturer is a guarantee of top-quality study process
40 top experts creating and implementing education and training programmes
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