Faculty of Polymer Technology is the only one in Slovenia offering holistic study programmes of polymer technology and materials. We offer bachelor and master study programs in the field of Polymer technology.

Graduates are greatly demanded on the labour market due to the fast development of this particular industrial branch and lack of skilful workers. Therefore, the graduates can start and continue their professional career in more than 1,500 companies engaged in plastics processing, and 200 tool production unities in Slovenia. The data show that more than 98% of graduates find a job within six months after graduation. This success rate results also from its active engagement in current economical, technological and academic trends and its’s close cooperation with industry, as well as the fact that at least one third of lecturers are directly involved in business or come from foreign universities.


The Students’ mobility exchanges result from close bonds tied between the Faculty and similar foreign institutions. Small groups and genuine relationships between lecturers and students, which is the basis for high quality and personalized study programme adapted to individual needs and expectations, are one the many advantages of the Faculty. The Faculty has been awarded with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021 - 2027. If you are interested to study at FTPO, please do not hesitate to contact our Erasmus coordinator for more information:


Faculty of Polymer Technology is located in Slovenj Gradec in the beautiful Koroška region. Students can find lodging in the town and its surroundings. In their free time, students are encouraged to participate in various sports activities and attend numerous cultural events. On the other hand, the Students’ Council organizes different events, while the Faculty provides interesting informal educational programmes on the regular basis.

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Dean's Welcome

Dear students, future engineers and masters,

Welcome to the Faculty of Polymer Technology, the only Faculty in Slovenia, where we educate students, with the focus on applied and development work in the polymer industry.

Polymer materials origin from the early 20th century and have in the mean time undergone an unprecedented evolution that has no end in sight. Namely, the production of plastic materials and their applications is projected to grow from 322 to 650 million tonnes per year by 2035. This means doubling the production and re-use of materials, the development of new technologies and tools. Above all, it is a tremendous challenge to protect our planet, as a green home that has been given to us by our parents and which we have to hand over to our children. Unprecedented development is taking place in the field of the collection, recycling and reuse of plastic products. That is why the career path of any individual who chooses to study Polymer Technology is open and promising.

Faculty of Polymer Technology exisits for 13 years, and in this time we delivered our promise to companies in Slovenia and abroad, by deploying graduets to them. As many as 96 percent of all our graduates, after completing their studies, began their careers at one of the companies involved in Polymer Technology. Today, many of them, recognized and respected professionals, are employed by global companies as well as the fastest growing small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Faculty of Polymer Technology is an independent higher education institution, established on the initiative of companies where such professionals are needed. In Slovenia, more than 1.700 companies operate in the field of Polymer Processing. They come from the automotive industry, industry of home appliances, entertainment, medicine, pharmacy, aeronautics… Namely, there is no field in which the knowledge gained at the Faculty of Polymer Technology could not be applied.

At the Faculty of Polymer Technology, we conduct studies at the first and second Bologna level, where our students gain knowledge in the field of materials, their applications, technologies and characterizations. Our key goal is to train strongly practically orinted engineering graduates, as well as master's students, who will be prepared to work on development, technology and research projects in companies and other supporting institutions.

The Faculty of Polymer Technology is distinguished by its personal approach, encouraging creative thinking of each individual and practically oriented study, where students by their individual work in small groups discover the charms and laws of Polymer materials. Creativity is encouraged by highly motivated Higher Education teachers employed by the faculty, as well as by teachers coming from external institutions or directly from industry.

Dear Sir/Madam, we will be extremely pleased if you will respond to our invitation and join us on this exciting journey into the world of Polymer materials, technologies and products that will create our common future.


Welcome to the Faculty of Polymer Technology,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Blaž Nardin,

Vice-Dean for Education


Assoc. prof. dr. Irena Pulko
T: 386 2 620 47 64


Within the framework of bachelor`s degree programme, the future graduates acquire basic technical skills and knowledge about materials and processing technology, management and economy. The study lasts 3 years and is awarded with 180 credit points - ECTS. Students can choose specialisation from 3 different modules: Mould Designing and Manufacturing, Polymers and Management. The acquired title is Engineer of Polymer Technology.



The only holistic master`s degree programme in Slovenia in the field of polymer technology and materials somehow fills the gap between materials and mechanical engineering professional domains. It connects subjects from both domains into skills which are necessary for the work in this industrial branch.

The study lasts 2 years, with 120 ECTS credits. It is organised as a part-time study programme carried out at the weekends. Students can choose specialisation from 3 different modules: Structural Polymers and Composites, Polymers in Medicine and Environment, and Advanced Polymer Methods and Applications. The acquired title is Master Engineer of Polymer Technology.


Vice-Dean for Education Career center and International office

Assoc. prof. dr. Irena Pulko, Vice-Dean for Education

Maja Mešl, Head of Career center and International office
T: +386 51 315 970

Sara Jeseničnik, Career center and International office
T: +386 41 332 958

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