Our strategy

Our strategy

Our strategy

The Faculty of Polymer Technology is an internationally recognised, state of the art academic institution and research centre, tightly linked with the economic sector. It is highly responsive and actively contributes to the regional development.


By providing a vibrant learning environment, inspiring innovative research and outstanding value for partners from the industry, the Faculty of Polymer Technology (FTPO) will become an internationally recognized technical faculty and Centre of Excellence for Polymer Technology.


As the only academic institution focusing on polymer technology in Slovenia, FTPO bases its activities on three pillars: Education, Research and Industry cooperation. We provide our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become innovative and competent engineers that are fit for responsible tasks in their future assignments. We support the society and industry in Slovenia and beyond to cope with the increasingly competitive and rapidly changing technological environment by creating knowledge through innovative application oriented research on polymer materials and technologies, Know-How transfer and opportunities for lifelong learning. To achieve these goals, we live by our values: Responsiveness, Continuous improvement, Practical Attitude and Personal Approach.



We stay tuned to the environment and quickly adapt and respond to detected changes. We follow trends and incorporate them in our studies. We are also flexible, innovative thinkers that encourage open-mindedness.

Personal Approach

Our personal interactions are based on a benevolent attitude. Students and users of our services are treated individually and with account to their personal circumstances and needs. We propose tailor-made solutions for the individual.

Continuous improvement

We do not rest on our laurels. We continually improve the Faculty on all fields. We search for synergies and interdisciplinary thinking. We are forging ahead and co-creating the future.

Practical orientation

We strive toward providing our students and other users of our services with useful knowledge. Our studies are practically orientated with plenty of experimental work and hands-on experience with our state of the art equipment, as well as collaborations with the industry, experienced mentors and a substantial amount of practice in the companies, which makes our graduates highly employable.


  1. Attracting motivated and talented students
  2. Educating graduates to be fit for the challenges of the future in a rapidly changing world
  3. Conducting applied research that delivers outstanding results
  4. Becoming a valued and recognized partner for the Slovene plastics industry and beyond
  5. To guarantee an effective and efficient internal organisation
  6. To guarantee sustainable financing of all the Faculty’s activities
  7. To guarantee an appropriate infrastructure for further development of the Faculty
  8. Adding value to the local community




FTPO has been founded in 2006, and the years since then have, despite some drawbacks, been a success story: The school has been able to develop into a renowned institution which is accepted and valued by our students and industry partners – the promotion from visoka šola to faculty in 2017 confirms this convincingly. However, this success story is not at all a reason to rest on our laurels. We are facing a very dynamic environment that is presenting us with major challenges: Technology is changing constantly and rapidly, technical knowledge becomes quickly obsolete. Industry 4.0 is forcing a paradigm shift in manufacturing and the whole value chain. The transformation from linear to circular economy is socially accepted and is on its way to become a core objective for European Union policy. For the Slovene plastics industry it is mandatory to remain internationally competitive. Highly skilled engineers are urgently needed, but the skill sets they need are changing: Expert Knowledge is still indispensible, but it must be complemented by so-called »soft skills«: The engineer of the future will be more a knowledge miner and knowledge manager than a comprehensive source of factual proficiency. And, last, but not least, the legal and regulatory framework is changing as Slovenia strives to further improve its higher education system. As an engineering faculty, we face specific additional challenges: Despite the very good career perspectives of our graduates, studying engineering is not en vogue – it is sometimes thorny and rocky. Teaching and Research are not possible without significant investments into equipment: Machines and instruments are expensive, they need continuous maintenance and – looking into the future – we need to prepare for a planned replacement before they get outdated and not suitable anymore for state-of-the art science and education. Considering all this it is mandatory to take the time reviewing the existing strategy and amending it with respect to the changes and challenges mentioned. FTPO, its team and its bodies have spent many hours analyzing the current positions and to enable a fertile discussion over the best path for FTPO's future. We are convinced that the high demand for well trained and qualified polymer engineers will continue, as the Slovene plastics industry needs to maintain and further improve its competitive position. This leads us to the conclusion that a »moderatre growth strategy« will be adequate and feasible. In order to achieve this goal and in lieu of the demographic trends FTPO needs to intensify its efforts to attract motivated and capable students. The continuing fast-paced development of polymer technology and the rapidly changing environment requests us to adjust our curricala and teaching methods as well as our research areas. New ideas need to be developed and explored, systematic continuous improvement is needed to achieve excellence in all fields. We are aware that our research activities must stay application oriented, but needs to be intensified with high priority – FTPO wants to be at eye level with leading polymer research institutions in Europe and beyond. We want to extend our cooperation with Industry by providing even better service in the future and by offering attractive opportunities for life-long learning and networking. Our target is to be a solution provider for the plastics industry from all regions of Slovenia. More students, intensified research and additional offers for our partners from indusstry require additional resources: More teachers, more researchers, more equipment, a sustainable infrastructure – all this will require a substantially better financial endownment. We need to find ways for this and address this with suitable strategic actions. FTPO has only a small team that nevertheless was motivated and commited to facilitate the encouring development of the school. For FTPO's success it will be mandatory to preserve this positive attitude, but also to adjust its organisation to become even more effective and efficient. Although FTPO is and will be a relevant factor in the nation's higher education system, it is located in the Koroška region and will therefore contribute to the region's future development. And, without doubt, FTPO must continue to be the protagonist of higher education in the Koroška region. All these considerations have been integrated into our revised strategy. We are committed to realize this strategy and will work hard to make it happen. We hope that our stakeholders and friends will share our vision and support us in developing FTPO towards an internationally recognized Centre of Excellence for Polymer Technology by providing a vibrant learning environment, inspiring research and outstanding value for partners from industry.

Doc. Dr. Thomas Wilhelm,
Federal Republic of Germany


35 pieces of state-of-the-art research equipment
1700 potential employers in Slovenia
4 students per lecturer is a guarantee of top-quality study process
40 top experts creating and implementing education and training programmes
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