Completed projects

Completed projects

Completed projects

HIP – Development of low-cost, lightweight highly insulating polymers for refrigerated transport

The project with the acronyl HIP focused on development of low-cost, lightweight highly insulating polymers for refrigerated transport, heating and cooling installations

It began in 2010 and lasted for 3 years. It was financed with EU funds

The aim of this project, which included 12 partners from various European countries, was to develop a better termic insulation material, which is light and already in a thin layer enables better insulation than existing materials (approx. 0,015 W/Km and durability of at least 25 years).

Partners of the project HIP:

  • Thermal Insulation Contractors Association -TICA, United Kingdom,
  • The Environmental & Sustainable Construction Association, Ireland,
  • Turkish Society of HVAC & Sanitary Engineers - TTMD, Turkey,
  • Tecnove Fiberglass S.L., Spain,
  • Greenscheme Limited, United Kingdom,
  • Serrano Amorros S.L., Spain,
  • Durham University, United Kingdom,
  • Heatrae Sadia Heating, United Kingdom,
  • The UK Materials Research Institute - MATRI, United Kingdom,
  • Visoka šola za tehnologijo polimerov, Slovenia,
  • Norner Innovation AS, Norway.

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