Current projects

Current projects


Flipped Practical Courses VIA Triple learning Environments which developed by Triple Experts teams who are empowered through Triple Enhance programs 


Project acronym: 3EEE 

Program: ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CBHE - Capacity building in the field of higher education 

Partners: Palestine Technical University Kadoorie (Palestine), Al-Quds University (Palestine), Palestine Polytechnic University (Palestine), University College of Applied Sciences (Palestine), Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (Palestine), Faculty of Polymer Technology (Slovenia), Mitropolitiko College Anoymi Ekpaideytiki Etairia (Greece), Edex - Educational Excellence Corporation limited (Cyprus), Hochschule der Wirtschaft fur Management Gmbh (Germany), Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), Arab American University Private stock company (Palestine), Ministry of Higher Education (Palestine) 

Goal: The goal of the 3EEE project is to develop and pilot performance of lectures and courses using the flipped classroom method, to train a group of trainers who will train other higher education teachers and colleagues in the field of the flipped classroom method, to build or improve existing learning platforms in the institutions of the partner countries so that they can successfully use this method and develop and accredit short- and long-term training programs related to the discussed innovative pedagogical method and tools. 

Lead partner: Palestine Technical University Kadoorie (Palestine) 

Project leader at FTPO: Maja Mešl 

Duration of the project: 1. 11. 2022 – 31. 10. 2026  



50 pieces of state-of-the-art research equipment
1700 potential employers in Slovenia
4 students per lecturer is a guarantee of top-quality study process
40 top experts creating and implementing education and training programmes
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