New laboratory equipment at FTPO
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New laboratory equipment at FTPO

In February 2020, five new pieces of equipment were acquired at the FTPO laboratory:

• Two BAOPIN BP-8176-B single-pole extruders, 

• BAOPIN BP-8170-B hydraulic press, 

• Two TOOL-TEMP TT-248 temperature control units.


The extruders are the result of our cooperation with the company Sankom d.o.o., which financed the purchase of one extruder. Extruers are primarily for the co-extrusion of films, that is, for the extrusion of a multilayer film, primarily for medical applications. The extruders were delivered at FTPO Laboartory on February 11, 2020, and the following day we already successfully completed the co-extrusion of 18 foil samples with different polyolefin blends. Director of Sankom d.o.o., Mr. Peter Kozin, participated in the test run of the extruder.

For the testing of duroplastic composites, we also purchased a Hydraulic Press, with which we have already successfully tested the homogeneity of elastomers for company Uteksol d.o.o. The press has a working surface of 300 mm x 300 mm, it is heated and cooled, and reaches 30 bars in compression.

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