Polymer evenings

Polymer evenings
Training for Lehmann & Voss & Co. KG
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Training for Lehmann & Voss & Co. KG

On 21st of January 2019 Silvester Bolka conducted all day schooling for Lehmann & Voss & Co. KG at the company headquarters in Hamburg. Training titled "Training for Thermal Analysis in Practice" included an introduction to thermal analysis, DSC: DSC TPOEM, Flash, and DSC: methods, sample preparation, measurement and characterization, DSC examples in thermoplastics, Flash DSC examples in thermoplastics and the summary. The main emphasis was on the DSC and Flash DSC from manufacturer Mettler Toledo from Switherland.

The representatives of the company Lehmann & Voss & Co. KG from development, control and production participated in the training.

At the end of the schooling, a conversation with the participants was followed. Preparation of samples for DSC and Flash DSC measurements and the ways of characterization in finding possible causes for measurement problems were discussed.

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