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Polymer evenings
Probationary Public Lecture of Mr. Matjaž Podgoršek
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Probationary Public Lecture of Mr. Matjaž Podgoršek

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, in the computer room of FTPO, Matjaž Podgoršek, univ. dipl. inž. str., successfully finished his habilitation process with a Probationaly Public Lecture for election to the title of university teacher - lecturer for the field of Technology and construction.

Mr. Matjaž Podgoršek gave a lecture with a practical presentation in the NX Unigraphics program on the topic "3D modeling of gravure forms in the tool for injection molding of thermoplastics (3D modeliranje gravurnih oblik v orodju za injekcijsko brizganje termoplastov)", in the framework of the 3D Mould construction at the lecturer Sebastjan Kotnik.

Listeners of Probationaly Public Lecture were  members of the Expert Committee; composed of pred. Sebastjan Kotnik, doc. dr. Ivo Verovnik and doc. dr. Simon Klančnik and students of the 3rd year of the first degree program of Polimer technology.

Mr. Matjaž Podgoršek is a member of the company Gorenje Group d.d. as a leading engineer in the development and competence center for cooking appliances. He has over 12 years of work experience, especially in the field of construction of products and assemblies of various materials (plastics, metal, glass and concrete).


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